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A Saxophone Community Like No Other

What happens when the worlds top contemporary saxophone performers team up with technologists working on the cutting edge?

A 360° learning experience that gives you direct access to inspiring performers, play-along practice technology, a community of passionate peers, and virtual classes and events that will rock your socks off!

Saxercise Library & Courses

We created our own flavor of play-along practice tracks, "saxercises", where we coach you through whole practice routines, while you follow along with an interactive lead sheet that allows you to set your tempo, loop sections, and see your instructor side by side!

Along with that, you get access to a growing library of lessons and mini-courses (like Introduction To Solo House Sax with Leo P) from your favorite players.

Live Classes & Events

We hold drop-in virtual classes and events multiple times per week, where you can learn new saxophone techniques and performance tricks from your favorite players, ask questions, participate in group jam sessions, get direct feedback.

Participate in our monthly challenges and get feedback from Grace and Leo directly on your submissions or join an Open Mic night and perform for the community, family, and friends.

...and much, much more!


🧑‍🎓Saxy School Membership

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🎷 Tutorials and Mini-Courses
🎖️ Monthly Community Challenges
📹 Live practice sessions and office hours
🤝 A supportive community of peers
🏫 Access to the best performing saxophonists
💸 Discounts on gear, secret prizes & private lessons
and more...


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Our Mentors

We have an expanding roster of world class musicians and performers that are passionate about helping others develop their saxophone skills and musical careers.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly Band, 2SAXY, Board of Trustees at Berklee

Grace specializes in teaching saxophone techniques, ear training, jazz improvisation, and songwriting. She loves to help players integrate more musicality while playing lyrically and helping connect what they are hearing in their head to what they are playing on the sax.

Michael Wilbur

Moon Hooch, Thundersmack

In his lessons, Michael puts an emphasis on the fundamentals of the saxophone: rhythm, articulation, long tones, scales, arpeggios, trills, overtones, altissimo development, volume control, and breathwork. He also focuses on music theory, composition techniques, Ableton Live production, and meditation/mindfulness techniques to help the player "get out of the way" and more into the music.

What Do Our Students Say?

We've been developing our platform and teaching approach for the past 2 years, expanding our content library, drop-in classes, and community events.

"Everyone at Saxy School is super supportive and shares the love for the sax and the goal of getting better. It’s really cool to see players of all different levels playing different styles of music. It's an amazing community. Additionally, having access to Grace and Leo and the ability to ask questions and get feedback has helped me develop more confidence as a player."


Ontario, Canada

"Since working with Saxy School, I’ve been way more confident with my playing. My chops have been better with my low notes, I’ve had more control within my technique and been more conscious of my entire body when playing. Every part of what I've been learning makes a difference, even the slightest lip change, posture, breathing and finger positioning. The time I’ve spent in Saxy School has really upped my playing. My band mates have been expressing my progress to me as well, which has been great!"


Rhode Island, USA

"Saxy School came at a perfect time for me. I am completely remote learning for college so it's hard to make friends. Saxy School really is great to interact with people who have the same passion, I've never been this pumped to go to school! 2Saxy rocks 😃"


Paris, France

"I’m here because I realize how important it is to develop all the rarely discussed areas of a successful musician. Leo and Grace are masters not only in musicianship, but also in their style, dance, visuals, fashion, and storytelling. Having found all of this in here just makes me a happy saxophonist once again. This is really one of a kind. Super neat, organized and it’s fun to watch you teach."


Cairo, Egypt

What level of saxophone knowledge do I need?

Saxy School is open to all levels and styles. We have students of all ages and skill levels and have practice materials and live sessions that cater from beginner to advanced players.

Can I cancel the subscription?

There is no commitment, and you are able to stop your subscription anytime!